Dvorecký Most

This is a proposal for a new crossing over the Vltava River in central Prague. The 325m long structure carries trams, cyclists and pedestrians and includes an elevated interchange station. Conceived as a sequence of tied-arches, the bridge has a rhythmic undulating appearance which responds to the different obstacles being traversed and respects the dominant horizontal effect of the surrounding townscape. Three lines of structure are visible as continuous ribbons of steel, rising as arches that alternate between the outside edges and the centre of the deck on adjacent spans. With a main span over the water of 95m, the low, flowing elevation is visually distinctive and the interplay between double and single arch spans creates a rich three‑dimensional geometry which forms the visual signature of the bridge, legible in parts or as a whole. The steel is finished in black and gold, tones intended to recall the emblematic colours of Prague evident in architecture and statues throughout the historic centre.