Professional Services more...

BEAM architects provides a wide range of consultancy and design services across an array of project and procurement types. Most infrastructure projects are necessarily engineering led, and a significant amount of our work involves complex large-budget proposals with commensurate organisational structures. BEAM’s work is architectonic; we are concerned equally with the technical and visual resolution of projects. We are aesthetes but not simply aesthetic consultants. Instead we provide tailored Architectural services to Owners, Engineers and Contractors to achieve value-added technical solutions.

For Engineers more...

BEAM provides services to engineering partners for both traditional (design-bid-build) and design-build projects. We are highly experienced in working pro-actively in design teams and have an excellent reputation among engineers globally. We often lead the formulation of designs from early project stages even on significantly scaled projects, but always in a closely collaborative process, progressing engineering and architecture in parallel.

BEAM services for Engineers typically include:

  • RfP analysis and response
  • VQC (Visual Quality Concepts) design and documentation
  • Design in support of EIA/EIS processes
  • Concept, scheme and detailed design
  • CGI, montage and VVMs (verified view montages)
  • Architectural specification
  • Architectural lighting design
  • Construction stage monitoring (architectural components)

For Owners more...

BEAM provides consultancy and design services to institutional and public clients. We have worked extensively for agencies and government departments providing direct design services or representing owners in major public procurement processes. Our role in major infrastructure projects may include facilitation services such as pre-tender feasibility and design definition, and extend to owner representation in design–build projects.

BEAM services for Owners typically include:

  • Brief formulation
  • Feasibility/options studies
  • Reference Design definition (design-build)
  • Employer’s Requirements documentation (design-build)
  • VQM (Visual Quality Manual) drafting
  • Full design services
  • Expert tender assessment/selection committee service (design-build)
  • Expert aesthetic review/VQP (Visual Quality Panel) service

For Contractors more...

BEAM work extensively with contractors in infrastructure procurement. We have many years of design-build experience and are skilled in designing for economy and constructability with design credibility. We provide both pre-tender design and post tender contract services, interpreting and developing owner’s reference designs in detail for large scale infrastructure projects as well as formulating competition/tender winning original concepts.

BEAM services for Contractors typically include:

  • RfP/Employer’s Requirements analysis and response
  • VQC (Visual Quality Concepts) design and documentation
  • Original concept and scheme design
  • CGI, montage and VVMs (Verified View Montages)
  • Architectural specification
  • Architectural lighting concept design
  • Pre-tender and post-contract detailed design
  • Owner’s Reference Design development