New Danube Bridge

BEAM’s proposal for a new bridge across the River Danube in central Budapest features a 300m long main span supported by a pair of network arches which create an extraordinary and memorable visual statement. The structure carries a tramway, highway and foot and cycle path. Bridge users of the different transport modes will each have very distinct spatial experiences. Pedestrians and cyclists are given unobstructed views to the river with a back-drop of arch hangers defining an asymmetric deck-space. Vehicles punch through the arch structure into a vast and impressive open ‘cathedral’ of hangers beneath the arches. Tram users will travel through the dramatic central canyon of hangers. Side spans are structured with 2-3m variable depth longitudinal steel box girders aligned with the arch tie beams. The arched girders rise up between the decks allowing the soffit of the structure to be consistent across the whole bridge.